Make the Poncho and Hat that Martha Stewart wore!
Click here for our Free Mattha Stewart Poncho Parttern and matching hat pattern too!


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Knitting and Crocheting Patterns

Free Knifty Knitter Projects and Patterns

 How to use the Knifty Knitter

(loom knitting by Anne Bipes free book)

Click here for 8 Free and easy downloadable
projects for the Knifty Knitter Loom

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Knitting Patterns
Bernat Bath Mitt
Bernat Boa Knit Bag
Bernat Eye Lash Mittens
Bernat Pixie Knot Hat
Bernat Pixie Child's Hat

Cowls And Cuffs
Dish Cloth
Eye Lash Scarf
Eye Lash Kerchief to Knit
Hats & Scarves

Jacket Collar & Cuffs
Pattons ChaChat Hat and Scard

Pixie Knit Jacket
Pixie Child's Sweathshirt
Pixie Girl's Hat

Crocheting Patterns
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Tree Skirt
Dish Cloth, Pot Holder & Towel Topper
String Bags

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FIMO Polymer Clay

Accessories from Under the Hill
- Hobbit Ring, Rune Stones, Elfin Brooch

Create a Personal Greeting Card with Fimo and Gel Pens
Family Photo Candle Votives
Fimo Celestial Choir - Angel
Fimo Cookie Cutter Ornaments
Fimo Planet Beads - for kids by kids
Fimo Snowmen
Watercolour Dragonflies with Fimo

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Sand Deco

Ceramofix Sand Deco Princess Table


Stamp a Pin
Keep Sake Dough Art
Create a marble like finish with Envirotex Lite & Paint
Pictures on Plates

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Glass Ornaments

Beaded Red Teardrop Ornament

Glass With Class

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Lazertran - Decoupage
Lazertran Christmas Projects
Lazertran Stamped and Embossed Project

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